Sunday, November 1, 2009


Look what my friend Ginny sent me! How nice is that. Check out her fabulous blog ~~ My5BratzCreations!
When you receive this award you are to list 5 things about yourself.
Here are mine:
1. My best decision in life was to say 'YES' to my husband of 21 years!
2. My greatest accomplishment in life is my 12 year old son Alexander!
3. I am afraid of heights and scary movies.
4. I have a weakness for chocolate and pastries. YUM!
5. I was NEVER a dog person. Until I got my little I am petting dogs everywhere! Go is possible to change your stripes.
I am going to pass this award on to 5 people who have fantastic blogs!
Check out these girls awesome blogs!
Thanks Ginny!


Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

You are so sweet, Thank you! I am horrible with blog awards... Forgive me. :0) Thanks again!

Christi said...

Thank you Gloria! You have made my weekend!
Seriously, Thank you :0)

Cassie said...

You're too sweet, Gloria! Thanks. . .I like Stacy, am horrible at them, but you really made my day! I'm grinning from ear to ear ;D

my5bratz said...

you're most an old dog can learn new