Friday, January 29, 2010


I am home sick today...yuk! We leave for holiday's on Monday...I should be cleaning house, packing etc....yet here I sit. So I thought since I am feeling too yucky to make a card I would show you the before and after pictures of my Gigi. She is my little 5lb , nine month old Yorkie.

In the before picture she reminds me of a little sheepdog. She hated it when I put a bow in her hair so I could see her pretty eyes. So off to the dog groomer we went ... to get her bangs trimmed.
Look, now I can see her pretty eyes. She got a pedicure! I left her ear hair alone...I love all the hair she has on her ears.
Well maybe I will go do something now... a nap sounds good to me!


stampinganja said...

Hope you feel better soon so that you can enjoy your holiday! Gigi is a cute little dog!
Take care, Anja

Katie Renz said...

Super cute Gloria... I love that name Gigi.

Marilyn (mlj-mlj) said...

Gigi is sure cute! Gigi has those heart melting eyes. Feel better!

Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

Awww....what a sweet little girl...I love her pretty eyes too! much better. I hope you got some good rest today. I've had days like that lately too.

Joan Ervin said...

Gigi is such a precious little doll...tooo cute!!!!