Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I received a message from a fellow stamper who passed on the Stylish Blogger Award to me! Thanks' TAMMY! You can visit TAMMY'S BLOG HERE.
It is excited to be chosen as someone's favorite!

Part of the way this award works is that after receiving it, I will do the following:

1) Thank the person who gave this award to me and link it back to their blog
2) Share 8 things about myself
3) Pass this award to 8 other individuals that I have recently discovered
4) Leave a comment on their blogs so that they can pass along the recognition!

8 Things about me:

1. I love my little family consisting of my husband and son. My favorite thing is just to hang out together.
2. I have been paper crafting for almost 20 years. I love making cards the best.
3. I love my little Yorkshire Terrier, "Gigi"....she is the best.
4. I love to cook meals.....but I hate to bake...
5. I work for Canada Post as a Letter Carrier
6. I have lived in the same small town for most of my entire life.
7. I am the middle sibling of three girls.....I love having an older and a younger sister.
8. After 23 years of husband is still the love of my life and makes my heart race.

Here are the 8 girls I have chosen for this award:

Why not stop by these lovely ladies blogs and leave them some love.

Thanks for looking today!



Crafty Crystal's Corner said...

Congratulations!!!!! You deserve it

nitestamper said...

Gloria, thanks for this beautiful award!!!!!! You are too sweet!!!I will post the link in my blog!!!!

stampinganja said...

Thanks for the award!!I will post it tomorrow! Take care, Anja

Amy Johnson said...

Congratulations on the award, and thanks for nominating me! I appreciate it!